Palmetto Music Therapy is an exciting new practice to the Beaufort County area. Though PMT is new, some form of Music Therapy has been around since ancient times. Ancient rulers and leaders would have musicians come and play for them when they were angry, ill, or needed inspiration.

Modern Music Therapy takes on the vast spectrum of social and medical sciences. Modern music therapy uses any and all instruments as a medium to paint broad strokes as the therapist hones in on bettering physical, social, speech, cognitive, and adaptive living skills.
You may not have heard of music therapy before because it is fairly new to this area; however, in larger more populated areas Music Therapists work in schools, corporations, special needs programs, centers for troubled teens, autism centers, nursing homes, and in individual clients homes helping people of all ages to enhance their well-being and quality of life.
We at Palmetto Music Therapy, hope that whatever your need may be, that you give us a call and consider music therapy as a treatment for you or your loved one.